5 comments on “Breaking BIG BAD Data – A Looming Curse in Healthcare

  1. As a Breaking Bad fan I LOVE the play on that title… and great points to. A friend and colleague puts it this way..
    Data is like salt water – you can drown in it but you can’t drink it without filtering in. We are drowning in data while dying of thirst for information

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I hate getting those calls “Spent X million dollars and a year and don’t have anything to show for it, can you help?” There is no magic bullet, expertise and experience matter. Thanks for saying this!

  3. GIGO, raises its ugly head – garbage in, garbage out. What’s more concerning is that when faced with the prospect of having spent huge sums of money in implementation of strategies to mine this wanting data, the real prospect of someone either sweeping it under the rug (machiavellian) or not understanding the flaws in interpretation (realistically, more likely) using the data to reach conclusions which cause real patient harm. It hurts when its only money and wasted effort, but is reprehensible when it affects patient lives negatively. Data, like people, must be vetted.

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